Olivier Forest

Olivier Forest, director at Raccoon pictures.

French storytelling film director, I studied in Monaco, France and United kingdom in different areas related to visual arts that I was able to practice professionally thereafter: Photography, video, scriptwriting, and finally directing. Since I was a child, I’ve always loved imaginary worlds, journeys through the mind, dreams and nightmares. Now, what I like to represent in my films, is the link between those universes and the reality. I focus on the development of actors, even they’re not professionals. I always managed to bring out the artist inside of them and, in front of the camera, they always worked their expressions with success. The human contact, the understanding of the crew, working in a good mood on the sets, resolving problems quickly and bring out the best of us, that’s what I want to do through each of my films.



https: //vimeo.com/286872026

Grid Alternative


https: //vimeo.com/62815290

Refuse and resist


https: //vimeo.com/286910818